Malaysia GST Seminar – N.Selvam Consult (Sage 300 ERP formerly Sage ERP Accpac )

About GAF

The GST Audit file is a way for taxpayers to submit information relevant to auditors in response to an auditors in response to an audit request for information letter. The information provided includes company IDs, names, supply and purchases, and general ledger transactions. There is also a footer record to ensure file integrity.

There are two types of files that can be submitted which accomplish the same goal whose information will appear the same to auditors.

1. XML File
2. Bar-Delimited-File (TXT)

Understanding the 5 Records Elements in GAF and the Fields found in each Records Elements

1. Company ( C Record Elements )
2. Purchase    ( P Record Elements )
3. Supply    ( S Record Elements )
4. Ledger  ( L Record Elements )
5. Footer  ( F Record Elements )


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GAF Field Record Elements Table 

GAF Training Flier download   



Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia (JKDM) will conduct audit on businesses from time to time to ensure that businesses are making correct tax declarations. It is a common procedure for JKDM to request for certain accounting information as part of the audit. For businesses using manual records, the process of producing the records required by JKDM is usally time-consuming. Businesses using accounting software that is able to generate the GAF as recommended in this guide would find it easier to meet JKDM requestes and this saves the businesses time and effort.