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About Us

About Us

N. Selvam Consult was registered as a Consulting Firm way back in 1987. We have two Business Divisions as follows:

  • Consulting – Handles Applications, Technical, Projects and Customization, Reporting Writing and Application Development
  • Marketing and Administration – Day to day operations and customer inquiries
  • We have been operating since 1987 and we have serviced more than 1880 Clients within the Asian Region. We have Sage 300 Clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Philippines, Maldives and Vietnam. Our Client Base is still growing because we have the expertise to provide a wide range of Services relating to the Sage 300.

    We believe in rendering Personalized and Professional Services. We are never far from you as we have highly Trained Professional Business Associates/Partners within the Asian Region. We are harnessing the power of Sage to link everyone inside and outside your Organization to a highly efficient and tightly integrated Business Operations Model.

    Our Market Focus is small to large Companies who need a System to work as a Standalone or Client/Server or remote/Web Environment and to integrate seamlessly with Third Party Solutions and/or Custom Software and are perfect fit for Microsoft, Oracle and etc. Companies ranging from a few employees to more than 100 with revenue up to RM250 million have been able to utilize our System to streamline their Business Operations.

    Successful development of the Sage 300 has been seen in many industries including Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, TV Stations, Engineering, Cosmetics, Automotive, Hotel, Banking, Securities, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Services and etc. We have a dedicated team of Professionals to provide you with all the Support and Training for your Sage 300 Software


    To provide a Comprehensive Solution in a Cost Effective and Efficient Manner for Sage 300.


    Together we can, for the future of better business.

    NSC Core Values

    Collaboration. Consistency. Continuity. Confidence. Caring.

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    Sage 300 Awards

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    Sage Asia Premier Partner 2015


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    Sage Asia Premier Partner 2013


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    Special Course (GST)

    Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia

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    Certificate of Attendance

    Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia

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    Sage 300 Certified Application Consultant

    Sage University

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    Sijil Pendaftaran Penyedia Latihan

    Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad

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    PSMB Train the Trainer (TTT) Programme

    Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad

    Our Team

    A team of dedicated consultants are totally committed to their roles and responsibilities

    Selvam N Narayanan

    Selvam N Narayanan

    Pricipal Consultant

    Eluza Lee

    Eluza Lee

    Senior Consultant


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    Free Webinar by N. Selvam

    16th July 2020

    Selvam N Narayanan

    Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners Selvam N Narayanan

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    Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners by N. Selvam

    10th June 2020

    Selvam N Narayanan

    Book Launch Selvam N Narayanan

    Lauching of Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners.

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    N.Selvam Consult

    N.SELVAM CONSULT is registered as a Consulting Firm in Malaysia. We are a Sage 300 Premier Business Partner. We have been in business since 1987. Our core business is to sell and provide consulting services for Sage 300 (formerly known as Sage Accpac).

    Selvam N Narayanan is the Principal Consultant for N.Selvam Consult. He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Software Trainer and a Member of The Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA-UK).

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    Customer Satisfaction

    We are forever grateful to N.Selvam Consult for their reliable, problem free & best SAGE 300 CONSULTANCY, INSTALLATION, AND EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN services provided to us!


    We have known N.Selvam Consult for so long and have only 3 words to describe them – 'COMMITTED TO CUSTOMER'.


    Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners
    (2nd Edition)

    by Selvam N Narayanan

    What is Data Visualization?

    Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

    What is Tableau?

    Tableau software is one of the fastest growing data visualization tools which is currently being used in the BI industry. It is the best way to change or transform the raw set of data into an easily understandable format with zero technical skills and coding knowledge.

    Big Data

    Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Big data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

    Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners

  • Is a step by step guide on how to use Tableau to analyze data. Ideal for beginners.
  • You will learn how to transform raw data into various charts/graphs for the visualization.
  • My book will be suitable for anyone who has access to data and need to do analysis.
  • It could be Marketing data, HR data, Accounting data and Student data. The data could be in Excel or CSV format.
  • Right now, you could be using Excel or perhaps some other tools/software to do the analysis/visualization but you will be amazed at what you can do with Tableau.
  • Use this opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills-sets and possibly open new career opportunities.
  • The Book is based on Tableau Public latest Version (2020.2.0) and Tableau Public is free.
  • You can download the free software from Tableau Public.

  • There are 14 Chapters in the Data Visualization with Tableau for Beginners (2nd Edition).

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Downloading Tableau Public, Installation and Creating a Profile
  • Chapter 3: The Startup Screen for Tableau Public
  • Chapter 4: The Data Source Page
  • Chapter 5: Tableau Workspace
  • Chapter 6: Exploring the Tableau Workspace
  • Chapter 7: 4 Pivot Tables, 3 Pivot Charts and 1 Dashboard built using Microsoft Excel
  • Chapter 8: Building Similar Tables and Charts in Chapter 7 using Tableau Public
  • Chapter 9: Build 6 popular charts to acquire additional skills sets
  • Chapter 10: Putting the Viz/ Charts together to build a Dashboard and share with others
  • Chapter 11: Introduction to Sets, Filters, Parameters and LOD
  • Chapter 12: Tableau with a Microsoft SQL Accounting System
  • Chapter 13: Plotting Malaysia 4D Lottery Results
  • Chapter 14: Tableau and the Stock Market

  • If you are using a SQL accounting system, you can use ODBC or SQL Scripts to export your data into Excel and then do the analysis using Tableau Public and share the visualization with your teammates.

    About the Author

    I released the 1st Edition of DATA VISUALIZATION WITH TABLEAU FOR BEGINNERS in June 2020 (physical book) and it sold over 300 copies.

    I also conducted more than 40 hands-on training sessions on how to use Tableau to do the analysis/visualization and received extensive feedback from the participants on what to include in my 2nd Edition of DATA VISUALIZATION WITH TABLEAU FOR BEGINNERS.

    The participants included university students as well as members of professional bodies and they were amazed at what they could do with Tableau especially on how it was so easy to transform raw data into meaningful insights.

    Finally, in December 2020, I released the 2nd Edition (e-book). I reorganized the contents and increased the number of Chapters from 8 to 14. I also added some new topics. They include how to analyze past lottery results and build charts for the stock market especially the poplular Candle Stick Chart.

    If you are new to Tableau, this book is a good starting point for data visualization and if you delve deeper into Tableau, it could possibly open new career opportunities.

    The learning never stops. Start today and ask yourself “where will you be one year from now?”

    Thank you for your support!

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • From April 2015 to August 2018

      If you have registered for GST Malaysia, you could have done more than 40 Tax Filing until August 2018.

      Most likely, you would be using an Accounting Software accredited by JKDM. All accredited Accounting Software must generate GST03, GST Audit File (GAF) and TAP.

      Typically, you would have printed the GST03 Tax Filing Form or generated schedules from your Accounting System or generated the TAP Import File & manually entered or uploaded your GST Values into the KASTAM TAP Portal & hope for the best.

      You could be in a paying position or you could be in a refund position.

      Did you check your GST03 values before doing your submission or you reported whatever values that was generated by your Accounting System.

      I have done more than 300 GST Audit File (GAF) hand-on training and more than 50 GAF Audits on-site. The GST03 values generated from GAF did not agree with the GST03 values that was submitted and for some companies, the variation is significant.

      There were 5 major reasons given for not checking the reported values before submission.

      a. Insufficient time or lack of resources
      b. Assumption that the reported values are good for submission
      c. Lacking skills on how & where to check
      d. Wrong advice given
      e. Should be “safe” if you are in a paying position

      6. Challenges experienced during my audit

      a. No reconciliation done when GST03 values extracted from GAF did not agree with the GST03 Tax Filing Form generated by the Accounting System
      b. GST03 values amended in the KASTAM TAP Portal without proper controls or authorization
      c. Not reporting net realized forex gains and Interest received
      d. Not charging GST for supply transactions
      e. Not reporting purchases of Fixed Assets
      f. Assigning incorrect Tax Codes for overseas purchase and supply transactions
      g. Questionable exchanges rates for overseas purchase and supply transactions
      h. Not accounting for reverse charge for imported services
      i. Misuse of Tax Codes OP & OS (used as a dumping tax code)
      j. Using self-created Tax Codes and GST03 Tax Mapping Table not available. e.g. Tax Code : DNC
      k. Never reported OS in GST03 (required to report in Field 15)
      l. GST% not equal to 6%
      m. No GST Number and BRN Number in GAF for TX & SR Transaction reported in GST03
      n. Non Registered Vendors reported as OP rather than NR
      o. Transactions which are blocked (BL or TX-NC) are assigned Tax Code TX and reported in Field 6a/6b
      p. Too many blank fields in the GST Audit File (possibly software issue)
      q. Invoice date in GAF is not the actual date of the document
      r. Back-posting of transactions after GST03 has been reported
      s. K1 & K2 numbers not appearing in GAF
      t. Differences in opinion to when to assign the K1 number
      u. GAF is damaged and cannot be opened in Excel
      v. GAF is in Excel Format (should be in TXT or XML format)
      w. GAF can only be generated once
      x. Blank “key” fields in GAF & cannot proceed with the audit (e.g. blank Tax Code)
      y. GAF generated using 3rd party software and lines can be amended or deleted
      z. The GAF is incomplete (cannot find all 5 record elements C,P,S,L,F)
      aa. The values in F Record Element is incorrect
      bb. Purchase Tax Codes appearing in S Record Element and Supply Tax Codes in P Record Element
      cc. Cannot reconcile certain values in GAF with GL (e.g. GST Input)
      dd. Failure to charge GST for inter-co transactions
      ee. The GAF is a “nightmare”, possibly build by someone who has no idea what Malaysia GST is all about

      GST Audit File (GAF) is not important

      If someone tells you GAF is not important and can be safely ignored, get it in writing & send it to JKDM to “protect” your company

      The GST Audit File is there for a good reason. It contains all your Accounting Transactions and in simple words “whatever you enter in your Accounting Software, the authorities will find it in GAF”. Therefore, it make perfect sense for KASTAM and Income Tax to use GAF for Audit. They don’t need to know how your Accounting Software works

      The GST Audit File was mentioned many times during the MyGCAP Reviewers Course

    • You must remember you could have done more than 40 GST03 submissions and someone in your company has to take ownership when there is staff turnover. Likewise when you join a new company, you have to be responsible for the previous submissions given your position.

      You challenge will start when the management asked you to verify the previous submissions or you cannot verify how the ex-staff obtained certain values or you receive a letter from KASTAM telling you they are coming in for an audit or asking for breakdown for specific fields in GST03.

      You must remember:

      Accounting staff will leave without doing any “proper handover”. Typically Excel Files used for reconciliation are never handed over.

      Company can change Accounting Software but never generated or verified the GAF from the previous accounting software.

      The GAF never “worked” from worked from Day 1 and all parties choose to keep quiet.

      The programmer who developed the GAF resigned without fixing outstanding issues/bugs.

      The Software Developer/Vendor who sold you the Software “close shop”.

      You could join a new company & you have no idea how the Accounting System works and how they generated GST03 from Day 1. What would you do when you cannot verify any of the values in GST03. Would you leave the organization.

      The company can use their own Tax Codes which are new to you & you do not have a GST03 Tax Mapping Table.

    • Make sure you can still generate GST03, GAF and TAP File for the historical periods.

      Make sure your GST Tax Codes are not removed or replaced.

      Make sure your accounting software can generate separate reports for GST & SST as you will still have GST Transactions for September 2018, possibly right up to December 2019.

      You are expected to keep records for a minimum of 7 years. This also means the GAF will also stay for 7 years.

    • We will be conducting GAF hands-on training for July & August 2018 at subsidized rates (1 full day session @RM350/pax)

      During this training, you will learn:

      How to load the GST Audit File in Excel & naming conventions
      a. The 5 Records Element in GAF and what they represent
      b. Check if the GAF File complies with the requirements as per the GST Software Guide
      c. How to check the integrity of the F Record Element
      d. How to build the GST03 Mapping Table
      e. How to generate GST03 from GAF using Pivot Table & Tax Code Mapping Table
      f. How to generate Supply & Purchase Reports using different parameters (by Tax Code/Supplier/Customer/Country)
      g. How to do exceptions reports (e.g., GST% <> 6%)
      h. How to generate the Trial Balance and Ledger from the L Record Element as well as locate double entries
      i. How to generate reports for multi-periods
      j. How to build audit templates that you can re-use for different periods and different companies

      Participants are encouraged to use their own GST Audit Files for this training (best to have at least 3 Reporting Periods). It would be to your advantage to working knowledge of Excel & Pivot Table for this hands-on training

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    Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


    1108, Block A, 11th Floor, Damansara Intan,
    No. 1, Jalan SS 20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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